Fur Coat No Nappies, the original universal pram fur creators, is a family run business, established in 2013 by mum of 8 Yvonne.


As a self-confessed pram addict Yvonne wanted to add something extra to her pram, taking a fur scarf she added it to the hood of her pram, unknowing to her it would become the success it is today! 


Within weeks, all the mums in the school playground had fur pram hoods! Yvonne quickly, with the help of her mum came up with a way to create a fur hood from scratch to perfectly fit the hood of every pram. After discovering how to make this unique accessory Yvonne posted a picture to a baby group on Facebook and the product went viral, suddenly people from all over the world wanted a pram fur! With the sudden demand Yvonne and her mum teamed up to create the Facebook shop Fur Coat No Nappies.


Now a global success, with their own brand and over 70 independent shops supplying Fur Coat No Nappies Fur Accessories, the business has gone on to find a factory who help make their “Extra Fluffy Furs”. In 2019 they worked alongside Silver Cross Ltd and Venicci, suppling luxury hood furs for their prams. With the retirement of Yvonne’s mum, the company have also taken on 2 new staff members; Yvonne’s eldest daughter, who makes the hood furs and helps with online design and a mum of 5 who is a home sewer makes the handmuffs.


The fur used to make the accessories is high quality, faux fur which is widely used in the clothing and toy industry. The fur has been risk assessed as a fully finished product and is safe for use. 


Fur Coat No Nappies would like to thank everyone who has supported the business over the years, we are incredibly grateful for all of you and proud of how far we have come, without you we would not be where we are today! 

Silver Cross x FCNN
Silver Cross Limited Edition Snow Princess' Pram with Fur Coat No Nappies Hood Fur
The NEC Baby show partnership with Venicci
Roma Prams
Amy Childs with Pewter Hood Furs on the Roma Prams at The Baby Show London
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The NEC Baby show partnership with Venicci