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Please allow around 2-3 weeks to be delivered 


All of our sheepskins are hand crafted here in the UK by our supplier with over 30 years of experience working with baby safe sheepskin.

Our liners are fully sanitised and baby safe, dyed with a baby safe dye. 

Natural sheepskin is perfect for use as pram liners; with heat regulating properties which keep babies cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Benefits of the sheepskin


  • Sheepskin is a hypoallergenic material, which is perfect for babies with sensitive skin and can also reduce the risks of hay fever.


  • Lanolin, which is found in sheepskin, can benefit sensitive/inflamed skin helping those with eczema. It has also been found, sheepskin can prevent asthma by boosting the immune system and encouraging blood circulation!


  • They prevent bedsores, allowing babies a more comfortable sleep in their pram.


  • Sheepskin has anti-bacterial properties: making them a natural dirt repellent, meaning harsh chemical cleaning products are not needed.


  • The sheepskins have thermostatic qualities, keeping your baby warm during winter and cool during summer.


  • The breathable qualities of the sheepskin make it a perfect swaddle for your baby: these have been shown to reduce stress, help weight gain and reduce colic. 


  • The dense fibres don’t flatten: keeping the sheepskin fluffy and comfortable for your baby!


  • Sheepskins are also environmentally friendly; they are a re-used waste product. And are a minimal on water use, due to the self-cleaning properties which the sheepskins have. 


  • They are also biodegradable and chrome free. 


How to clean your sheepskin


With sheepskins having a self-cleaning property, meaning they do not need cleaning with harsh chemical cleaners. We recommend brushing, to lift the dirt with a wire brush. When deeper cleans are needed it is best to spot clean with a sheepskin shampoo.

Bon Bon Stokke Sheepskin Pram Seat/ Carrycot Liner, Shorn

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